Being Vegan is good but why is it infamous?

Today’s post will be about veganism. The dictionary definition is someone that doesn’t use or eat any animal products. Why would anyone choose this lifestyle if they’re not required to because of allergies and such?

The farming animal industry is responsible for the treatment of the animals. They’ve gotten better at it but that was because of protests and individuals becoming aware of the cruel treatment the animals receive. However, this is still ongoing. Minimising costs to maximise their output which leads to poor treatment of farm animals. PETA is an organisation that fights for animal rights and have contributed greatly to the fair treatment of animals worldwide.

Here is an example what the dairy industry is like. This next example is extremely graphic so if you can’t stomach it, please don’t look at it. Poor calves are being kicked and bashed with no remorse. Treating them as trash as they’re being slaughtered.

In addition to the poor treatment of animals the UN reports that agriculture greenhouse emissions have nearly doubled over the past 50 years and it is still increasing. This spurred the eye-opening documentary cowspiracy. An interesting documentary that shows what we are indirectly contributing by not being vegan. You may think it’s one of those documentary that are created just to influence the masses into becoming vegan but it’s quite the opposite. Taking one quick look through their official website you can find all their references and links to every single one. It is impressive and definitely worth looking into.

We come back to the question on why being vegan is infamous? That’s because of a small portion of the vegans are passionate about it. One might say a bit too passionate. Passionate to the point where instead of educating others on what being vegan means to our planet they ridicule anyone that’s non-vegan. This famous vegan said that people should be forced to become vegan and meat eaters don’t deserve to live. The banana girl have been promoting her message through social media, especially her youtube videos.

This is only the surface of what gets shared on social media. Now even eating at a restaurant can be uncomfortable. Someone at any point may come in and do this. Of course many chickens are caged in small confined spaces to have room for more chickens. It is horrible but yelling out in a restaurant and telling a story about how sad it is will only push others away. That was not helping the cause at all and only made the video go viral on Facebook. This is one of many pages that shared and made fun of it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 16.28.52
Top comment from viral Facebook video.

There are some comments that support her but most of the comments are ridiculing her. The traction social media posts receive on Facebook, twitter and even youtube is huge. Non-vegans distance themselves because of the examples above and don’t bother looking into what being vegan is. Rotten apples are often the cause of the demise of good causes. How can we overcome this?


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